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About us


Welcome to  Treasure of Pelso Labrador Retriever Kennel!

 The beginings… 

In 2005 we had the opportunity to leave  behind a small flat situated in Veszprém and move to Balatonfűzfő. Living in a family house with a spacious garden the only missing thing was a dog.

We didn’t hesitate to much so in the spring of 2006 Clifford the yellow male puppy arrived to us. 

From that time, our life has entirely changed. We were hanging on the internet and studying different books and articles one after the other concerning Labradors. Suddenly we bumped into an invitation to Santa Claus Party in Gyömrő. We immediately accepted. Regarding the fact that we had never been on such kind of exhibition before we didn’t have sufficient experiences. Therefore, we been teached how to lead the dog up shortly before the event.      

Among the reputed participants ’Clifi’ had also a good performance. Indeed, we met dogs of famous Hungarian kennels which made us interested in breed of LABRADOR.  

At this point, we realised that our life and the breed of these dogs are definetly linked together.

Thus, we decided to deal with breeding seriously. Therefore we checked books, articles, internet and corresponded with Hungarian and foreign breeders in order to find the best ancestral line.

After a long search finally we selected a Hungarian kennel and Tara arrived to us in the summer of 2008. 

Unfortunately, it turned out soon that Tara’s teeth does not meet the standards so she can not take part in breeding.

Tara was spayed and now, together with Clifford they are our privileged ’lap dogs’.

In spite of the difficulties we didn’t give up and Arthur appeared in October


We desired a chocolat and a yellow-coloured female so we continued the search and we found each other with Hailey.

Unfortunately we missed the yellow one but never mind, Missy the black girl turned up. 


The next incoming little miracle was Liza. 

After all we felt that the family was complete when a sudden event forced us to think it through.

Our friends had an opportunity to live and work abroad but unfortunately they could not take their dogs. That was the reason why they asked us to adopt their three lovely dogs.

We agreed and Carlos, Sissy and Amy joined us. 

This is our brief story.

We would like to express our thanks to those who helped us to start breeding and training our dogs since we had many questions at the beginnings. But we do not worry, many question are still remained.

Those who intend to deal with these beautiful dogs we wish as many helpful people as we have and we will have in the future, I hope so.

Best regards,

Kennel „Treasure of Pelso”